2015 LQM Conference – Presentations

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James WilliamsHealth, Quality and the Law
Cinnie NobleConflict Resolution and the Culture of Quality
Conflict Resolution Approaches for a Culture of Quality
Liz McBrideQuality Today
Sheila WoodcockCelebrating Quality - International Quality Month
Michelle Preston Gathering information on Laboratory Quality
Sandra Chow Gathering information on Laboratory Quality
Greg FlynInternational Quality
Robert MartinInternational Opportunities in Quality Improvement
David TurgeonEasing into Quality - a successful international model
Romina ReyesModern Tools 1
Leonora MarcellusTeaching Quality to Adult Learners
Virginia BandyOn-line Quality Educations
Michael NobleModern Tools 2
Quality Assessment
Jane DickersonDefining Risk in the Extra-analytical Phases
Luci BerteCounting the Costs of Quality and Poor Quality
Using the Costs of Quality
Robert RennieTesting the Testing Laboratory (ISO/IEC 17025)
Daniel TaylorCreating the EQA Network
Jennifer WonProficiency Testing and Tumor Markers
Colin SemplePlacing Quality at the Heart of the BC Laboratory Accreditation Standards
Titus WongSafety is a Quality Imperative
Michael KellyLaboratory Safety Standards and Guidelines
Bruce AndersonA Successful Laboratory Safety Incident Inventory
Clifford HarveyArchitectural Design for Better Laboratories

Poster presentations

Presentation 1Implementation of a Mentored Professional Development Program in Laboratory Leadership and Management in 10 Countries in the Middle East and North Africa by Lucy A. Perrone, Deborah Confer, Elizabeth Scott, Laura Livingston, Caitlyn Bradburn, Alex McGee, Tom Furtwangler, Ann Downer, Ali H. Mokdad, Jean-Frederic Flandin , Solmaz Shotorbani, Humayun Asghar, Hala Esmat Tolbah, Hinda Jama Ahmed, Jaouad Mahjour, Ala Alwan, Robert Martin
Presentation 2Improving laboratory testing quality and capacity in Cambodia using a mentored laboratory quality stepwise implementation (LQSI) approach by Lucy A. Perrone, Vireak Voeurng, Sophat Sek, Sophanna Song, Nora Vong, Chansamrach Tous, Jean-Frederic Flandin, Deborah Confer, Alexandre Costa, Robert Martin
Presentation 3Pre- and Post- Examination Phase PT\EQA. New Opportunities for Clinically Relevant Improvement by Michael Noble MD FRCPC, Clinical Microbiology Proficiency Testing (CMPT). University of British Columbia. Vancouver BC Canada.
Presentation 4Application of Quality Management System Principles Results in Laboratory Accreditation: a Tanzania Success Story by Patrick Mateta, Sheila Woodcock, Charles Massambu